Family Guy Spoofs Precious

peter griffin is precious Family Guy Spoofs Precious

Family Guy really wants a Prime Time Emmy. BAD!  This year Family Guy creators have spoofed the Oscar Award winning movie “Precious” in their 2010 Emmy mailer by replacing Oscar nominee Gabby Sidibe with Peter Griffin on the “Precious” poster.Here is the original “Precious” movie poster.

precious385 Family Guy Spoofs Precious

Family Guy’s Version:

family guy spoof precious3851 Family Guy Spoofs Precious

Also included in the mailer are these tag lines:

“Family Guy – written by 8 WASPS, 6 Jews, 2 Asian and 1 Gay.

We peaked 3 years ago, so by your logic we should get an Emmy now

You have to vote for us — we did a holocaust episode

Family Guy with Tina Fey… Not really, we just want an Emmy”

Is this offensive to the message and idea behind the film Precious?  Let us know what you think in the comments!

  • Enrique

    This is funny. Totally in line with the spirit of the show. Campaigning for an Emmy while still poking fun at them. Offensive to those without a sense of humor.

  • Doo doo

    “Family Guy with Tina Fey… Not really, we just want an Emmy”

    This is funny but, given a choice between Tina Fey and “Family Guy”, I’d choose Tina Fey any day.

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