SHOCKING Photos of 50 Cent

50centbefore SHOCKING Photos of 50 Cent

Who knew this was going on with [lastfm]50 Cent[/lastfm]??? He’s been trying to focus on his acting career, which has led him to remove most of his tattoos AND go from his former 214lbs to a measely 160lbs!?

What does he look like now? You HAVE TO SEE THIS. Seriously.

Curtis Jackson aka [lastfm]50 Cent [/lastfm]just dropped more than 50lbs in order to play a cancer-striken football player in the upcoming movie, Things Fall Apart, which will be out in 2011. Going on a crazy workout plan and liquid-only diet has led him to look like this:

50centmovie SHOCKING Photos of 50 Cent

50centmovie1 SHOCKING Photos of 50 Cent
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I can’t even begin to BELIEVE these pics!? He’s known for his ripped body and his crazy big stature… Do you think this is gonna hurt his rap game?

What do you think of this shocking change?

  • Sandra.C

    I’m speechless!! CANNOT BELIEVE IT’S HIM!!
    This movie better win atleast 1 award!

  • Josh

    what the? are these pics real. i need to get on this diet, i just want to look ripped. well i dont think this will hurt his rap swirl because he is a motivated individual, it seems like if Curtis puts his mind to it he’ll accomplish what ever it is. just look at the pics. i like his songs he’s a good artist

  • Mary

    I seriously had to look very closely at his nose and mouth to even make sure its him! What a crazy change!

  • Christina Lowe

    oh my god!!!!!!! …. im sorry but eww and look how old he looks now!!! this was not the best idea i have to say! good luck 50

  • Naydizzle

    One thing is for sure he looks like a cancer patient… Geesh the extremes people go to just to get a role…WOW!!!

  • jonathan Luis

    wow i dont think this was neccessary i hope he knows what hes doing

  • nicole(:

    this movie better win something. he put a lot of effort on it !
    from a dam sexy body to this.
    dangg. speechless.

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