Lil Wayne Releases Four New Videos

screen shot 2010 06 01 at 10 34 16 am Lil Wayne Releases Four New Videos

[lastfm]Lil Wayne[/lastfm] is currently behind bars for gun charges, but before heading to jail he shot a ton of music videos. Over here at AMP, we assumed that the videos were going to be released over the course of the year while behind bars to help keep himself relevant! Guess we thought wrong, because over the weekend four new videos were released!

Check out all four videos after the jump!

We are totally unsure why all the videos were released at the same time, but maybe [lastfm]Lil Wayne[/lastfm] has some more tricks up his orange jump suit!

Lil’ Wayne — “Get A Life”

Lil’ Wayne & Shanell — “Runnin”

Lil’ Wayne ft. Nicki Minaji — “Knockout”

Lil Wayne — “Da Da Da”

  • Why do you think all these videos were released over the weekend? Which video/track is your favorite?
  • Don’t forget to listen to Lil’ Wayne’s Radio Station.
  • Jami

    Im just not feelin the rock n roll vibes. Nope. Not at ALL

  • jdawgg2010

    hello amp u guys rock oh yeah ok these lil wezzy vidz r so damm kool ok i really like “runnin” a lott ok but all these jamz rock ok thankz amp 4 the 411 on li wezzy ok c yah soon lil wezzy ok

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