The Hills: ‘Ghost From The Past’

seg4 29 The Hills: Ghost From The Past

Last night on The Hills, Kristen is boy crazy, Justin Bobby is back, and Lo befriends Brody’s new girlfriend! Plus we give you the ‘After Show,’ after the jump! 

Let’s start off by saying, “I told you so!” Audrina really never liked Ryan Cabrera, I mean she always looked bored every time she was with him. So how awesome was it that she had gone to the Viper Room to check out a new band called Purple Melon, but who was the closing act, Justin Bobby’s band. How appropriate? Her face lights up with Justin Bobby, and I’m happy he’s back!

Summer is right around the corner and I thought it was just me that was looking for spring flings…but no, Stacy “The Bartender” and Kristen were on a man hunt! Although unsuccessful at their attempt, she did get to hang out with Brody as they bumped into each other at a bar! Too bad his new girlfriend had no idea about this encounter.

Speaking of the new girlfriend, McKaela, she got befriended by Lo and then even got offered a job all in one episode. Guess if you date Brody you get to be on The Hills!

All and all, great episode! Check out the After Show, and see the exclusive interview with Holly she chats about different scenarios.

  • Do you think that Audrina should get back with Justin Bobby? Do you think Brody should just be single?
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