Someone Please Teach Me How to Dougie


dougie1 Someone Please Teach Me How to Dougie

Ok, so there is this song going around SoCal right now, and it is all about this amazing dance move called the Dougie. Do you know how to do it? Read more…

I am obsessed with this song “Teach Me How To Dougie” by [lastfm]California Swag District[/lastfm]! My office mates must hate me because I am constantly playing the song and attempting (though not very well) to learn this dance.

I come from South Florida where dance moves like this are incredibly popular. I remember having fun lunches in High School that were all about DJs, booty dancing, and girls like me showing my fellow classmates that I can keep up.

Now I feel old because I can’t Dougie. Someone, please teach me?!

Check me out trying to Dougie here:

Check out how you ACTUALLY Dougie here:

Can you Dougie? Upload a video of you showing ME how Dougie, and if you successfully teach me, I will hook you up with a prize from my ticket stash…

Post a link of your video teaching me how to Dougie in the comments below!

  • regis

    Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to Dougie; and you hook that fool up for a lifetime.

  • Doug-E-Fresh

    I think Dougie just means dance. However you want. And use your arms. Maybe.


    Doug can teach you!

  • alexis

    do u reallly want to know how dougie cusz i can definetly get down with the get down lol thos just playin but do u realllllly?????????????/

  • kristy

    i can teach u how to dougie go to an type teach me how to dougie

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