Lakers Hit with (Allen) Wrench

101674713 Lakers Hit with (Allen) Wrench

If you heard a loud noise coming from the Staples Center last night it was either one of two things.  The sound of a record shattering or the collective gasp from 18,997 people at the Staples Center for game 2 when the final buzzer sounded on the 103-94 loss.

We’ll let you be the judge.

Game 2 had a much different feel than ANY of the other games we’ve seen in the playoffs. The change in flow can be directly tied to the officiating.

In game 1, Celtics guard Ray Allen spent much of the game on the bench or on the floor playing with foul trouble. In game 2, he broke an NBA Finals record with 8 3- point shots made (7 in 1st half) and finished the game with a team high 32 points.

In game 1, Kobe was an unstoppable, scoring 30 points in the Laker rout. In game 2, he spent the final minutes of he first half on the bench after picking up his third foul. And played with 5 fouls in the second half, clearly allowing foul trouble to affect his game. He finished with 21 points on 8 of -20 shooting.

Who is it going to be in game 3? Which superstar will the refs target? Lamar? Pau? Luke Walton? Ok….kidding.

Game 3 is set for Tuesday at 6PM PST in Boston.

Bear Heiser is a freelance sports writer who also manages the blog @bearconsults.

  • Christina Lowe

    seriously, the only game I have watched so far was yesterdays, game 2 (i dont have cable tv at home lol) so anyways, i was so excited to watch them play and win…. well the first half was good, second was okay, the last quarter just sucked because we could not finish, rebound and of course we didn’t win… all i can say is, i am so ready for tomorrow’s game 3 – so what if its in Boston, the Lakers know what they are doing, they just need to stay focused, rebound, and try not to foul lol :) xoxo Lakers!

  • anonamaes

    lakers suck really bad it is all about the celtics

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