AMP Mornings: Waste Some Time on the Internet

funnysites AMP Mornings: Waste Some Time on the Internet

Boss not looking? Got internet in your lecture hall and bored to death by your professor with the awful toupee? Check out these sites… You’re welcome. :]

A very popular site that has questionable and hilarious texts that people send out when they’re… well… probably drunk. Texts From Last Night.¬†You can see stuff like:

texts AMP Mornings: Waste Some Time on the Internet

Another website Carson talked about today on AMP Mornings has a collection of the stupidest Google searches of all time… Yeah. Just when you think people couldn’t waste their time on the internet any dumber, you get searches like:

  • How To Use Your Mind To Fight Evil
  • Hippo Sandwich
  • How To Draw Awesome Dragons
  • How To Kill A Monkey With A Wet Paper Towel
  • Can A Horse Have OCD?
  • Braille Playboy

See more at:

Got any website recommendations for us? COMMENT HERE and we might talk about it tomorrow on AMP Radio!


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