Lightsabers Are No Longer Fantasy

arctic 2 Lightsabers Are No Longer Fantasy

It’s a good day for Star Wars fans worldwide.  Jedi wannabes can now channel the force using their very own, real-life lightsaber.

Put away those plastic, light up toys — this thing is no joke — but important question: will it make the whooshing noise when it turns on, or will I still be needing to do that on my own?trans Lightsabers Are No Longer Fantasy

Looks like Snoop Dogg can brandish a real lightsaber around now, there is a fully functioning lightsaber for sale! Hong Kong based company Wicked Lasers succeeded in producing “the most dangerous laser ever created” that shoots a blue laser that is capable of burning retinas and setting skin on fire.  

arcticlaser Lightsabers Are No Longer Fantasy

The company warns of the The Spyder III Pro Arctic:

Warning: Extremely dangerous is an understatement to 1W of laser power. At close range, this Class 4 beam will cause immediate and irreversible retinal damage. Use with extreme caution and use only when wearing proper safety goggles with an O.D. of 3+ is required and 4.4+ for longer exposures.

But don’t worry, the Arctic comes with a complimentary pair of safety goggles and a dosage of feeling awesome.  The lightsaber can be yours at the reasonably priced $197.97 and ships to over 70 countries.  I know what I want for Christmas.

[Sources: National Post, Wicked Lasers]


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