Lightsabers Are No Longer Fantasy

arctic 2 Lightsabers Are No Longer Fantasy

It’s a good day for Star Wars fans worldwide.  Jedi wannabes can now channel the force using their very own, real-life lightsaber.

Put away those plastic, light up toys — this thing is no joke — but important question: will it make the whooshing noise when it turns on, or will I still be needing to do that on my own?trans Lightsabers Are No Longer Fantasy

Looks like Snoop Dogg can brandish a real lightsaber around now, there is a fully functioning lightsaber for sale! Hong Kong based company Wicked Lasers succeeded in producing “the most dangerous laser ever created” that shoots a blue laser that is capable of burning retinas and setting skin on fire.  

arcticlaser Lightsabers Are No Longer Fantasy

The company warns of the The Spyder III Pro Arctic:

Warning: Extremely dangerous is an understatement to 1W of laser power. At close range, this Class 4 beam will cause immediate and irreversible retinal damage. Use with extreme caution and use only when wearing proper safety goggles with an O.D. of 3+ is required and 4.4+ for longer exposures.

But don’t worry, the Arctic comes with a complimentary pair of safety goggles and a dosage of feeling awesome.  The lightsaber can be yours at the reasonably priced $197.97 and ships to over 70 countries.  I know what I want for Christmas.

[Sources: National Post, Wicked Lasers]

  • Marissa

    mmmm people are gonna start robbing liquor store with this now lol

  • Barry

    As cool as they may appear these are weapons and have the capability to cause severe damage to eyes and skin. They look like toys to children who would not fully understand the possible danger.I see no positive use for this invention.

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