Booker Sends Ryan For An Indepth Investigation of Weirdness @ Twilights Tent City

t Booker Sends Ryan For An Indepth Investigation of Weirdness @ Twilights Tent City

Yup, that was the longest blog post title in the world, and a few hours in Twilight’s tent city it seemed like the longest night in the world.  After seeing the coverage from countless national and local news teams, and how much fun Martin had, Booker decided to send me down to the Staples Center to check it out the night before the premiere.

You’ve got to see what dedicated fans these people are, not to mention what FREAKS these people are!  They will go to any length just to see their favorite Twilight actors and actresses.  What did I come across?

Check out the video and see it for yourself.  There’s even a celeb surprise!  WARNING: Some of these people haven’t showered in 5 days.

I rolled up to the Staples Center around 8:30 as fans were coming back to their tents from a dinner and they had just enough energy left to have a blast with me.  Upon my arrival to the amazing stench called Tent City, I ran into Twilight star Charlie Bewley, who plays a protector/bodyguard role in the movie, and as I was shooting his intro, I ended up being his personal bodyguard!

From there, I looked into the finer details of the Twilight Tent City. We all know people came from all over the world to camp out, we all know they’re HUGE Twilight fans, we get that, so what else was there to talk about? Well, check out the video and find out!


Kids…Don’t get scared by the Carson Daly campfire story.

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  • Christina Lowe

    LOL hahahaha I love it – vuvzela, stinky twipeeps all over twiland lol wow, a place I will never see myself at hahaha but what a crack up lol … Ryan you are hilarious haha i cant believe you ate that donut that fell on the ground lol hahaha I LOVE AMP

  • kaylee

    hahahaha! i love it :D im a proud twilight freak!! hehe. grrrr but we went in to watch the movie and they made me throw that poster away with everyone’s signatures on it :,( (the one with the E and J on it)

  • ampluver

    hahaha that was hilarious! twi-hards are craaazzzzyyyyyy!!

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