California Gurls Passion Pit Remix!

kpforniagurls1 California Gurls Passion Pit Remix!

2010’s summer anthem just got better. If you where throwing your hands in the air for [lastfm]Katy Perry[/lastfm] and her catchy “California Gurls” lyrics, just wait until you hear what the electro-pop masters [lastfm]Passion Pit[/lastfm] did to her soon-to-be-classic.

Check it out after the jump!

Sit back and sip your gin and juice or get ready to dance because [lastfm]Passion Pit[/lastfm] gave the song a trippy, electro-friendly feel and strangely enough, it really works. What do you think of the new remix; have you heard a better version or do you like the original the best?

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  • ayat

    love song wierd music vid

  • Kristie

    i dont like this…but i bet it’s gonna catch on

  • Shantee Charles

    it wasnt that bad i liked it, but i still like the original better

  • Lyra

    good beat, but i like the original way better

  • Christina

    Nah i like the original better!! This one doesnt even really sing in the beginning until like almost 1 minute lol xD Justin Bieber is BETTER!! xD

  • crystal

    i don’t like it its horrible i like the original one sorry

  • Miranda

    Thizz Better Than The Real Song Haha They Talk About Beaches Then The Video Is About Candy And Shit Haha :D>3

  • maria

    this one sucked!!!!! the original one is way better…. dsnt even sound like a song anymore

  • isaiah ramirez

    its alright ……..some of the lyrics are too mono toned though. it has some good beats though

  • daniel

    i like the otha 1 better

  • trinadawn;♥

    not that bad but i love the original., it makes the beats out do katy perry and makes her sound wierd.

  • CaArRROooOLLl

    I DON’T like the beatt sory its nott a good song to playy itss cut ooff!!..Like Everyone saidd the first one is beter..

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  • Billie

    the beats are alright, but this version lost the partying fun feel to it, which was (imo) the strong point of the original version

  • Kevin

    I dig the techno – dance remix musically, however I’m not digging the voice aspect. This would be better in a club where the DJ only plays a minute of this. Too much of this mix bores me… So the original is still better.

  • fabiola


  • david de jesus


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