We Remember Michael Jackson

michael jackson We Remember Michael Jackson

There are dates in one’s life where you will always remember where you were when something big happened. June 25, 2009 is no exception. The world was silenced one year ago today with the announcement of the death of the King of Pop.

In fact, it’s still hard to believe he’s already been gone for a year.

We take a look back at that with news reports, fan tributes around the world, the Michael Jackson Memorial at Staples Center, his music videos, photos and more.

See it all after the jump.

It was early afternoon on June 25th that news reports went out announcing [lastfm]Michael Jackson[/lastfm] suffered from a cardiac arrest in his Bel Aire home and was rushed to UCLA Medical Center. Soon after that, reports said that the King of Pop was in a coma and that things did not look good.

Shortly thereafter at about 3:15pm, the tragic news reports came flooding out that the pop singer had passed away.

Below is the breaking news report from CBS News:

The news spread quickly throughout the world and his fans began to pay tribute to his life, as seen in the video below:

Celebrities and government officials reflected on their memories about the singer, including President Obama. The video below shows footage of the President and local fans paying tribute to their favorite artist:

Take a walk back through the life of Michael Jackson with his music, photos and more:
Michael Jackson Music Videos
Michael Jackson Photos
A Look Back At The Michael Jackson Memorial at Staples Center

Share your memories about Michael Jackson below.

  • Audra

    I’ve loved Micheal Jackson since I can remember!!! My heart broke when I saw on the television that he had died! A part of me hoped it was a horrible media rumor. Another part of me was happy…I was happy because he didn’t have to endure anymore acusations, no more ppl trying to take his money! He will forever live in my heart!!

  • jdawgg2010


  • jdawg

    i waited till today to go to this page cus i was afraid i wud cry…but yet im crying now :'(

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