Ke$ha: A Backstage View

keha tranny Ke$ha: A Backstage View

The backstage needs of celebrities are often a door into what they are really like instead of how the public views them. [lastfm]Ke$ha[/lastfm]’s “rider” (her list of backstage desires) proves that she is exactly as eccentric as her public persona. Good on you, [lastfm]Ke$ha[/lastfm]. We like when celebs don’t change their weird personalities for the paparazzi.

Meet us after the jump for some of [lastfm]Ke$ha[/lastfm]’s strangest requests. Do they include a bottle of Jack Daniels to replace her toothpaste? You’ll have to see!

When [lastfm]Ke$ha[/lastfm] performed at the [lastfm]2010 MuchMusic Video Awards[/lastfm] in Toronto on June 20th, she asked for items such as glitter, hot dogs, and…philosophy books on the “origin of the species?” While other stars ask for totally ridiculous things as well, rarely are their riders so random with the mixture of the glamorous, intellectual and less-than-glamorous food items.

[lastfm]Ke$ha[/lastfm] doesn’t like to hear any “Blah, blah, blah” when she can’t get her additions to her Darwinian library and a couple of wieners:

  • What do you think? If you were a celeb what would you want on your rider?

[Source: ONTD]


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