Lady Gaga’s Style Is Hazardous To Your Health?

lady gaga2 Lady Gagas Style Is Hazardous To Your Health?

Ever since [lastfm]Lady Gaga[/lastfm] stepped on the music scene, she’s been a trendsetter in the fashion industry as well. But now doctors are saying one of her popular looks has inspired a dangerous beauty fad among young women.

But are they? To find out more, keep reading…

In Gaga’s “Bad Romance” music video, she has a much larger than normal iris.  This gives her eyes an anime-style appearance that was likely computer-generated.  Fans are now trying to copy her style by purchasing special contact lenses from Asia.

These contacts are called “circle lenses” and they cover all of the iris and part of the whites of the eye.  The New York Times reports that teenagers are buying up these $20-$30 lenses in order to achieve the doe-eyed look.

Trouble is, the lenses are contraband in the United States and pose some serious health risks, such as depriving the eyeball of oxygen.  An FDA spokesperson warns, “Consumers risk significant eye injuries—even blindness.”

Despite the dangers, this hasn’t stopped people from following this fad.  Watch the “Bad Romance” music video for yourself and then check out this makeup tutorial posted on YouTube. Would you risk going blind for the sake of fashion? Let us know what you think!

[Source: The New York Times]

  • pumpkincat210

    I love that video, but I would never ever wear contacts that could possibly destroy my vision!! Also those tall, armadillo Alexander McQueen heels she wears in the video (that are sparkly green) actually had to be taken off of Gaga mid flight by other people because she was showing early signs of deep vein her own fashion is killing her.

  • Mimi

    No because its not worth it and you could just try to find another way to look better you dont have to copy someone famous or something so that you could look better so yea I wont I will just show who I am instead of risking my like :)

  • Nathan

    why would anyone want to look ugly like lady gaga?

  • ying

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