AMP Mornings: The Lindsanity Poll

lohan AMP Mornings: The Lindsanity Poll

Yeah, so you’ve already heard by now that Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to spend 90 days in jail yesterday. The REAL question here is… How much of that time will she actually do? The AMP Mornings team took a poll this morning and you can make your guess here, too!

Remember, lawyers say it’s estimated most people (that behave well) only end up doing about 25% of their sentenced time.

Here are our guesses:

photo 2 AMP Mornings: The Lindsanity Poll

photo 4 AMP Mornings: The Lindsanity Poll

photo 5 AMP Mornings: The Lindsanity Poll

photo2 AMP Mornings: The Lindsanity Poll

Producer Angie
photo6 AMP Mornings: The Lindsanity Poll

Lindsay is currently scheduled to start her jailtime on July 20.

Take a listen to the judge as she gives her sentence, and listen to the poll!

How long do YOU think she’ll be in jail? Let us know in the comments below and we might read it on-air on AMP Mornings!


  • Christina

    as most with the way ceb’s get off easy I’d say about 4-7 days.

  • Tamara

    23 days! Good Luck Lindsay!

    • ulysses

      she get 100

  • Christina Lowe

    Hey look another Christina haha …. Hi there lol …. I am along with her though on the amount of days – I pick 8 days! Lets see who wins this one… this is a good poll!!! xoxo AMP

  • Melysa Martinez // Staff Writer

    Nicole Richie was sentenced to four days in jail and only served 82 minutes. Khloe Kardashian was sentenced to 30 days, served less than 3 hours. Paris Hilton was sentenced to 45 days in jail, critics thought she’d get only 23 for good behavior, but was released after two days. The moral of the story: Lindsay will most likely serve less than five days. Although, I *really* hope not.

  • Andrew

    out in a week

  • Andrew

    out in two weeks…..alcoholic

  • maxine

    i’d say about 90 days

  • ulysses

    ha ha ha ha at wute the bich get!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • joseph

    I think she is ging to be in jail for 90days

  • Cassidy

    I hope way more than this but………..
    19 days

  • louis

    she will do 20 days max.

  • Jose

    10-20 days at most

  • Erika

    25 days!

  • Joel

    I think that she will only spend 10 days in jail..She’s a celeb, so I don’t think she will spend a long time in jail.. And, she will probably be treated better than the general population on the Lynwood jail.. Having money does help..

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  • Krista

    I’m gonna say she will get 29days and 10hrs. Lol she won’t last long but I think she might last a little whileeee

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