Guess Who? It’s All Crazytown For Reality TV Star

spencer pratt Guess Who?  Its All Crazytown For Reality TV Star

Who was looking all sorts of crazy outside the Roosevelt Hotel?  His outward appearance is totally reflecting the inner crazy he’s been displaying on his reality TV show.

Keep reading to find out!

It’s Spencer Pratt!! The former reality star was banned from the series finale red carpet for “The Hills” due to his alleged unstable behavior, but nothing could keep him away from the festivities.

Hollywood blogger Perez Hilton suggested Pratt disguise himself in order to get near the action and that’s exactly what he did.  Spencer couldn’t do much except stand on the sidewalk across the street, but he still got a lot of eager fans surrounding him.

Are you sick and tired of all the Spencer and Heidi drama? Is it all just for show? Has Spencer officially gone off the deep end? Let us know what you think!

[Source: Perez Hilton]

  • Christina Lowe

    Um yess im totally sick of S & H – I cant even say their names or type it, bc I think they are full of BS lol – no one cars abt them, and no one should, all they wanted was to be popular and make a crap load of money so they never have to get a real job lol – at least that is what i thought – and also, i do not believe that S made H do all that body work to herself – we all know she wanted it just as bad – and now she is telling everyone she wants to go back to way she looked b4 – you are so stupid… okay enough of me blabbing, but yes we r all over it – they r both psycho – i dont wanna see them on the front cover anymore lol

  • Dalia Lopez

    All I can say is that I DESPISE Spencer and Heidi!! They DISGUST ME!!!

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