Fiasco Over New Lupe Fiasco Album

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 Fiasco Over New Lupe Fiasco Album

Atlantic Records has a major problem. No, it’s not the decline of the music industry or illegal downloading. It’s the fact that they won’t put out [lastfm]Lupe Fiasco[/lastfm]’s new album L.A.S.E.R.S which was due out last year. Fans have whipped out their virtual skateboards and spray paint and are protesting via the world wide web.

Read more about how you can sign a petition or spread the skate-nerd word through social media and help[lastfm] Lupe Fiasco[/lastfm] put out his new album!

There are several ways you can get the good word out:

Sign the Petition:

You can go here to sign it.


Hash-tag (#) your tweets with #WeWantLasers. Paste the link for the petition into your tweet and have all your friends re-tweet it!

6ti6u0 Fiasco Over New Lupe Fiasco Album


Post the link to the petition on your feed!

“Today, nobody cares/But tomorrow they will, they will/Today, nobody cares/But, oh, tomorrow they will, they will”

They already do, Lupe. They already do.

[Source: ONTD]

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