Rihanna’s French Tattoo Typo

rihanna1 Rihannas French Tattoo Typo

Whoops! The good girl gone bad recently added a new addition to her tattoo collection… and the french phrase she tattooed on her neck is a bit twisted! [lastfm]Rihanna’s[/lastfm] translation mishap is not the first of celebrity tattoo typos…

The French language is a bit tricky, but one would think with such a massive army behind her Rihanna could’ve found someone to help her translate the phrase “rebel flower.”

Her new ink reads “rebelle fleur,” but in French adjectives usually follow the nouns they modify. To translate as “rebel flower,” the tattoo should read “fleur rebelle.” Oh well– she is so hot right now, maybe the French will re-think their grammar?

Rihanna isnt the first celebrity to be mis-marked–Hayden Panettiere and [lastfm]Coolio[/lastfm] have also fallen victim to tattoo mishaps.

Panettiere got “to live without regrets” in Italian tattooed down the left side of her back. Her tattoo reads “Vivere senza rimipianti” but “rimipianti” (regrets) is spelled wrong! The correct spelling is “rimpianti.” Again people, hire someone who knows the language! We know you can afford it.

As an homage to [lastfm]Insane Clown Posse[/lastfm] fans, Coolio tattooed “Jugalo Cool” on his bicep.  Sadly for Coolio, ICP fan’s refer to themselves as “juggalos.”

But he is way to Coolio for us, the rapper claims this mistake was intentional and has no intention on fixing it!

Check out Rihanna’s “Hard” Video:

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[Source:  ONTD]


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