Yo Dog! You Ain’t A Dog! Dog…

dog dog Yo Dog! You Aint A Dog! Dog...

A Pittsburg man has been obsessed with an 80’s TV show “Boomer The Dog” since he was a kid. (Never heard of it? Me either.)  Since then he has dressed as a dog his ENTIRE life, even putting his hair up in “puppy ears” and wearing a full dog costume when he goes out.  Ya gotta see this news story.

The man is Gary Matthews and he wants to get his name legally changed to Boomer The Dog.  Just as any 44-year-old man would!  You don’t think that’s his name!? Well check his dog tag, because it’s on there!  Not a military dog tag, a real collared dog tag.  Yep, he’s real normal!

Gary is just like any other dog out there, he barks, begs, scratches behind his ear, and even drags his butt on the carpet when it’s itchy.  Okay, maybe not the last two, but I’m sure he does.

I know it seems surprising, but Boomer is unemployed, so if anyone needs a watch dog, or a blind seeing eye man-child-dog, I dunno, blow a dog whistle or something.


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