Hiding From The Paparazzi: Which AMP Artists Can You Name?

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paparazzi 5 Hiding From The Paparazzi:  Which AMP Artists Can You Name?

From the moment you become famous, you’re scrutinized by the public.  Paparazzi do not make this any easier and celebrities find themselves trying to keep the details about their lives as secret as possible.  Because they’re essentially being hunted down by men with large cameras, the famed have to get creative about being unseen in the public eye.

When a simple errand can become a media frenzy they have to work with what ever they got. Sometimes a hand, a jacket, umbrella, sheets, or simply a mask can work. Yesterday [lastfm]Ke$ha[/lastfm] was photographed out in New York hiding under a tiger mask. In honor of [lastfm]Ke$sha [/lastfm]’s creative way of hiding from the paparazzi. Here are some pictures of other artist covering up for the paparazzi. Can you guess the artist? and Which do you think works best? Wait a minute is that Michelle?

[photogallerylink id=61667 align=left]

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