Mini Gaga and Mini Beyonce

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beyoncegagatelephone Mini Gaga and Mini Beyonce

If you go online and type in “Telephone” [lastfm]Lady Gaga [/lastfm]and [lastfm]Beyonce[/lastfm] while searching for videos, you will get so many different parodies that you might not have time to watch them all. Some have even been approved by [lastfm]Lady Gaga [/lastfm]herself, she’s re-tweeted a couple of the YouTube links. However, I’ve got a favorite among all of them.  What makes this video my stand out choice?  Check this out!

I would like to give credit to AMP Artist [lastfm]Luciana[/lastfm] for finding the link, she posted it on her twitter. You can follow all the AMP DJ’s on twitter Carson Daly,  Michelle, Booker,  McCabe and Seena.

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