Dontcha Wanna See Dev’s “Booty Bounce”?

devs booty bounce music video Dontcha Wanna See Devs Booty Bounce?

Every so often you come across one of those music videos that makes you go, “OMG! WTF?!?” leaving you utterly bamboozled of what just passed through your eyeballs and caused a core meltdown in your brain. This is that kind of video; simplistic in its vision, but so spastic and rapid-fire with seizure-inducing images, by the end you’re wondering what just happened. Which is smart on the artist’s end because viewers then have to re watch the video over and over to catch every detail and paired with catchy dance beats and feisty attitude, this song will be stuck in your head all day long.

Step aside, [lastfm]Ke$ha[/lastfm], your party girl antics are old news, there’s a new shameless wild gal turning heads with her flashy style and sassy attitude. They call her “[lastfm]Dev[/lastfm]” and she ain’t your average biaaatch, she will in fact slap you around if you step in her face and steal your man. She don’t mess around, but she does make one catchy tune and mesmerizing music video.

Also, I wonder where I can get one of those face masks with bull horns affixed to the top that looks like a masked villain’s disguise…That will have to wait for now, because now it’s time to discover [lastfm]Dev[/lastfm] and watch her “Booty Bounce!” And if the song sounds a little familiar to you, you’ve probably heard it sampled in [lastfm]FarEast Movement[/lastfm]’s dance jam “Like a G6” right here on AMP!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

[Source: Myspace]


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