Nicole Scherzinger Says Everyone Is A Pussycat Doll

Sexy Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger in Leopard Print Bra

Superstar sex kitten and iconic [lastfm]Pussycat Dolls [/lastfm]singer, [lastfm]Nicole Scherzinger[/lastfm], agrees that these cats have definitely stretched their nine lives but she has no idea when the next incarnation of the [lastfm]Pussycat Dolls[/lastfm] will be born. In fact, Scherzinger thinks “everyone is a [lastfm]Pussycat Doll[/lastfm].” What? What does that even mean? Is this pussycat just tugging on our ball of string?

Is there a cat fight brewing? Is it time for [lastfm]Nicole Scherzinger [/lastfm]to whip off her hoop earrings and fist her stilettos? While founder and manager [lastfm]Robin Antin[/lastfm] recently hired four new women to join Scherzinger as the “new” [lastfm]Pussycat Dolls[/lastfm], this head Doll is being super vague about the future of the [lastfm]Pussycat Dolls[/lastfm]. [lastfm]Nicole Scherzinger [/lastfm]says coyly:

Don’t know what’s going on with that. There’s always the speckles [speculations].

First of all, we know you are a famous, fabulous, filthy-rich pop diva but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use proper English in interviews.  Speckles instead of speculations? SPECKLES? That is just obscene, Nicole.  Please never ever say that again. Second, do we sense a little dissension between the two founders?

Scherzinger is so incredibly vague about everything that it’s hard to tell:

There’s the Dolls from the lounge and Vegas and all that, so I’d say everyone is a Pussycat Doll actually. Do you like how I’m answering these questions?

No, we don’t. We want the dirt. We want it now!

“Don’t Cha” wish [lastfm]Nicole Scherzinger [/lastfm] would just tell us what’s going on?

[Source: Music-News]


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