Video: The New Boyz Get A Tour Of LA – I Was The Chauffeur!

new boys play foosball Video: The New Boyz Get A Tour Of LA   I Was The Chauffeur!

Let’s face it, times are tough and we all have to make an extra buck.

Recently I started my own limo service for musicians and celebrities. Business has been slow, but today I had my first clients, Ben J and Legacy of  [lastfm]New Boyz[/lastfm].  As a bonus for my services I always buy lunch so we hit up a popular fast food spot. Can you guess their favorite joint?  Did they get the girls phone number at the drive-thru window? You’ll find out.

We played foosball, cruised the city and played a game the boyz call “Courage.”

“You’re A Jerk”

Request the New Boyz new single “Break My Bank” and keep an eye out for their new album TOO COOL TO CARE this October.

Also if you know any musicians or celebrities that like fast food and need a ride somewhere please feel free to refer me.  I got “Courage.”

  • Mia Gordon

    I went to work today and some random people were asking me “are you that girl from that video with the new boyz?” I was like what video? so they told me to come on this site and check it out.

    I didnt know it was going to be posted out in public!! cut me out or something please! haha

    • Astro Gordon

      nooo that was awesome saknerda, we watched it like 30 times already. new boyz is incredible. :)

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