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Rivers Cuomo, You Made My Day With Your ‘Magic’ <3

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riversseena Rivers Cuomo, You Made My Day With Your Magic <3

(You like that? It took me a whole 20 seconds to make.)

Last night while I was hosting the AMP Radio airwaves (12a-5a Tu, Wed, Th), I played one of my favorites… ‘Magic‘ by [lastfm]B.o.B.[/lastfm] feat. [lastfm]Rivers Cuomo[/lastfm] from the band [lastfm]Weezer[/lastfm]. I decided to take to Twitter to announce how much I love the song and lo and behold, I GOT A TWEET BACK from Rivers himself!!! Joy, oh joy.

Here’s a screenshot of the convo from my phone that’s low (damn iPhone battery!):

photo Rivers Cuomo, You Made My Day With Your Magic <3

In case you didn’t get that “half-Japanese girl” reference, well, I AM half-Japanese but the line is from a [lastfm]Weezer[/lastfm] song called “El Scorcho“.

And if you’re not half… or full… or Japanese at all you probably can’t read what Rivers Tweeted. To translate he says:
“Thank you! AMP is AWESOME!”

Thank YOU, [lastfm]Rivers Cuomo[/lastfm]. You made my entire morning. <3

If you wanna Tweet us:
Seena - @TheSeena
AMP Radio@ampradio

Now, please enjoy the music video for ‘Magic‘ with [lastfm]B.o.B.[/lastfm] that just came out!

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