AMP Mornings: Carson Daly’s Movie Pick

catfish AMP Mornings: Carson Dalys Movie Pick

Exactly what the f#*$ is the movie Catfish about? From just watching the trailer, you’re really left in the dark. Carson Daly got to see the movie before it hits theaters and talked about it today on AMP Mornings. Why does he want you to add it to your must-see list?

The movie will hit theaters September 17.

Check out the trailer and tell us what you think happens in the movie?

  • jolene

    it looks like i want to see it… real? unsure til i see it :)

  • gabby

    i heard you guys talking about it on the radio didn’t believe so i had to see it myself. i really want to watch the movie now. it seems fake but then it doesn’t. i cant wait to watch it.

  • oriana

    that looks insane i definitely need to watch this!!!!!

  • Yoli

    I love these kinds of movies… Mystery/Thriller… I WILL go see it!! Problem is, none of my friends like this kind of movie… So I will have to either bribe or drag someone with me!!!!

  • Susan Fernandez

    I was listening on the radio on my way home I am really anxious to see it but where can i go watch it at ???

  • danielle

    so i was litening to you guys talk about it this morning and because of that i was late to school hahaha bt as soon as class ended i came straight to the library to check this out and OMG i wana see this!!! i totally understand why you couldnt explain it this morning bt it looks so interestin i cant wait for it to come out! thanks for sharin carson =]

  • Linda

    Beyond Intrigued….Sooo my type of move. I want to see it, but where???

  • Izzy

    Wow! I’m intrigued. The trailer and Carson pitched the movie well, I’ll definitely watch.

  • Emily

    Wow wow wow. Something shady must go dwon from then out. I love those kinda realistic camera movies. I absolutely NEED to see this movie!

  • alysha

    omg! this movie looks like a mind trip! I wanna see it ASAP! how can i get a hold of it or where can i see it ?!

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