Win Tickets To See Eminem From AMP!

eminememgr Win Tickets To See Eminem From AMP!

Eminem hasn’t had a show in Los Angeles in FIVE years, and AMP wants to hook you up with tickets to his SoCal show later this month!  So while Eminem will be performing at the VMA’s you’ll be getting ready to win tickets to see him perform live!

Starting Monday, every 30-minutes AMP will be giving away tickets to see Eminem at the Auto Club Speedway on Saturday, September 25th.  Just listen in all week to AMP for your chance to win tickets to see the world famous emcee in his first Los Angeles show in nearly half a decade!

When you hear the cue to call, just be the correct caller to 1-877-971-HITS (4487)!

Can’t listen during the day? Sign up for Friends with Benefits for another way to win!!

For more info on the show, click here.

  • Xiomara

    Omg I wanna see Eminemm <3 He's soooooo cute and a great rap Star*

  • Kristine Tumbocon

    I LOOOOVE Eminem!! He is an ICON of rap.

  • lex

    i absolutly luv luv luv him <3 his raps are not stupid like most im 12 and ever since i was two i started lissting to his album the eminem show song cleaning out my closet i realllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyy want to go see him cross my fingerss

  • Ana

    OMG i so wana Eminem n concert! He has the best music love his new album!

  • Hildreth

    Eminem knows how to keep music alive. Rap is true stories a way of expression, not money chicks and drugs. He knows! (:

  • Jessica

    i agree with all of u down there nd i would die if i got to see himXD

    • brittany sturgill

      well if you win i will win it befor you ever do

  • Jessica

    i agree with everyone below me nd i would die if i got to see eminem<33XD

  • jessica

    OMGEEE i want to see EMINEMM<3 he's a great rap star and he knows how to keep it up!<3

  • Maricruz

    Ohhh My Goshhh! I Loveee Eminem! He Knowwsss Wassuppp Forsureeee! Love The Song Loose Yourself, Well I Love ALL His Music Im, Hes Just Absolutely The Best! <3

  • samantha

    omg i love eminem so much

  • Evelyn

    i love eminem soooo much he raps really good and i wanna win those tickets very badly and by the way he is so cute i love his new album specially the song not afraid and love the way you lie. : )

  • ilovepussy

    i love him so bad i love his songs

  • gaby

    everyone! stop calling in so i can win those tickets!!!! lol =p

    • SONIA


  • mayra

    I love him! He has inspired me with creating my own music to never give up and to always stay focus! I love him I so wanna go to his concert!!!

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  • candace

    oh my goshh. i want eminem tickets sooo badd !!

  • Itzel

    I just won some Eminem tickets!!!!
    so excited about this =DDD

  • jessica

    omg!!keep trying to win!!everyone is calling!!phone line is busy lady said!!hopefully i win!!mite be lukky!>.<:D

  • amanda suzanne

    OHH MYYY GOODNESS do i wanna see eminem lol
    huge fann here lol obviously not #1 bc so manyy girls love him but reallyy big i know i love the way you lie by heart word for word haha people think im crazzy but i just listen to him wayy to much i love him (: <33333 i can also rap to other ones to but i dont wanna brag haha i loveee him i soo want tickket babayyyy !! HA HA !! lol

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  • lettytrejo

    I hope I get them 4 my daughter she is his #1 fan she never gave up on eminem she knew he was coming back and even better then ever and she always dream to she him in L.A this will be her best b-day gift for nov 21
    EMINEM YOU ROCK ONE day my daughter will make a song with you shes a great singer

  • i just won

    is it 1 ticket or 2?

  • leili

    i know!!!! i agree with every one i LOVE eminem so much!
    i really really really really really really wanna see his concert!!!!

  • leili

    oh wait, not with the one before me! whoops

  • smartpants22

    i called and they answered lol i said im calling for eminem tickets and hes like coming up soon bai!

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