Snooki Vs. Britney: Who Performs Britney Spears’ ‘Sometimes’ Better?

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snooki1 Snooki Vs. Britney: Who Performs Britney Spears Sometimes Better?

Our favorite little Snooki-doodle from MTV’s Jersey Shore proves that you don’t have to be wasted to outshine a pop star. You just have to be a delirious insomniac with nothing but your laptop in your posh LA hotel room to amuse you. Oh, and spending 11 years practicing your pantomime to [lastfm]Britney Spears[/lastfm]’ 1999 hit “Sometimes” doesn’t hurt either.

Snooki mesmerized us with her french tip nails and 18 layers of eye make-up.

Britney Spears reminds us why crop top turtlenecks are never attractive-even if you do have perfect abs.

We know it’s Britney’s song but c’mon…Snooki rocked the crazy hand motions. She is one tiny, tanned, guidette that we want in our karaoke crew. Bring on the body shots and the bad ’90s pop! Snooki is in the building!

  • Who do you think did it better? Snooki or Britney? Let us know in the comments!

[Source: Billboard]

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