AMP Mornings: Seena’s All Growed Up

cookiesforseena AMP Mornings: Seenas All Growed Up

On January 4, 2010, my alarm woke me up at the ungodly hour of 4am. I rolled out of bed, hopped in the shower, jumped in the car, and got to AMP Radio before the sun was up. I remember being extra dressed for work that day (trust me, it didn’t last after that) because I was meeting Carson Daly for the first time. 8 months later, I’m spending my last shift working for AMP Mornings.

Hear the announcement Carson made this morning.

I’ll miss our Fist Pump Fridays. This is a throwback from our very first Friday!carson1 AMP Mornings: Seenas All Growed Up

I will miss the breakfast burritos… Carson nicknamed me “Squirrel“…burrito AMP Mornings: Seenas All Growed Up

I will not, however,  miss all the weird stuff they made me eat: spicy jalapenos, the KFC Double Down, and the worst… baby food.

I will sort of miss trying to sneak turning up the temp in the FUH-REEZING studio when Carson wasn’t looking.
coldseena AMP Mornings: Seenas All Growed Up

cold4 copy2 AMP Mornings: Seenas All Growed Up

I will miss going on special assignments for the morning show, like to the MTV Movie Awards and reporting live from the Twilight Tent City to talk to YOU GUYS!

twitent3 AMP Mornings: Seenas All Growed Up

But most of all, I’ll miss working with this guy.
carsond AMP Mornings: Seenas All Growed Up

Ok, so call me a cornball expecially since I’ll be seeing that mug every morning on my way out. Starting next week, I’ll be the official overnight DJ for AMP. I’ll host your airwaves from midnight-5am, you know, when you’re leaving the bar after last call or when you just can’t go to bed.

It’s been a blast, and thanks also to Marcus, Stephen, and the newest member Angie, wishing them good luck on the show. :]

Thanks for supporting AMP and please… if you’re bored at night and happen to have your radio on, feel free to hit me up & keep me company at 1.877.971.4487 or Twitter @TheSeenaespecially if you’re out causing trouble. ;]

xoxo —Seena


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