McCabe: You Just Got Punked

mccabe McCabe: You Just Got Punked

Here at AMP Radio, we enjoy a good prank or two (or three or four).  Well ever since our night DJ McCabe scared the heck out of Seena, we’ve been plotting our revenge…keep reading to see the video proof!

Thanks to Phone Op Jasmine and Promo Assistant Monica for the video! It’s officially on like Donkey Kong.

  • Sasha


  • David Alexander

    its funny how he leaned forward unlike seena she turned and backed away a litttle.

  • Seena

    Umm…. THANK YOU GUYS for getting Gingie McCabe back for me. :] Priceless. Wish I were there to see it.

  • Christina Lowe

    LOL that was good!! that was one of the best I have seen!! way to go Seena!



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