A Tribute To Bruno Mars “Caught With Coke In The Bathroom Stall”

bruno mars mug shot 01 A Tribute To Bruno Mars Caught With Coke In The Bathroom Stall

We all know [lastfm]Bruno Mars[/lastfm] got caught with narcotics over the weekend.  That’s yesterdays news.

In today’s news: A tone-deaf AMP Radio Phone-Op does a parody of Bruno Mars’ “Just The Way  You Are” called, “Caught With Coke In The Bathroom Stall”.  It’s terrible and catchy.

We apologize for your ear drums bleeding in advance!

  • What do you think?  Will you be listening to this for years to come?  It seems like everyone is getting caught with cocaine these days so we could be AMP’s ode to blow users everywhere.  Which reminds us, don’t do drugs people.
  • Emily

    Everyone makes mistakes. Some bigger than others. It was his first time and he said it was wrong. A lot of people do drugs at least he admitted it. Don’t hate on him. There is way more people that do way worse things. This is unneeded. I honestly think of him the same way. Hes amazing and a little drugs wont change it. He said it was the first time and gave in right away. It could of been worse. Soo just leave him alone. Singing can be stressful with all the haters like you. Im pretty sure he knows its wrong and wont do it again. soo calm down.

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