AMP Mornings: Malibu Joe Paparazzo Makes Club-Worthy Music

paparazzi AMP Mornings: Malibu Joe Paparazzo Makes Club Worthy Music

Usually, the Hollywood paparazzi are busy annoying celebrities so they can capture that perfect photo for us regular folk to ogle at, but Carson Daly met one photog who’s got a burgeoning career in music! Check out Malibu Joe’s tracks after the jump!

First off, listen to Carson’s introduction:

Let’s start out with his signature song, “African Paparazzo,” that Carson played on the morning show today:

Lots of callers said they could imagine his songs playing at the clubs.  Listen to Mandy’O and decide for yourself!

And finally, here’s “Wake It Up:”

So what do you think? Vote in our poll and let us know what you think in the comments!

  • Marie

    This is sooo coool! Love the Malibu Joe Paparazzo song! was dancing in my car on the way to work:-)) Can’t wait to hear it in clubs!
    Thanks Carson for the best music, and for finding this gem!

  • MARS


    HE’SO GOOOOOoooooooooooD!!!!!

    peace up, to the MAESTRO!


  • Alexandra

    This music is AMAZING. Can’t stop playing it and dancing to it. LOVE IT.

  • Romuald

    Amazing songs!!! Huge Artist! So cool!

  • Cyrille RESTIER

    Bravo, et très bon travaille depuis 1 an. Félicitations à Joe

  • johnny ray


  • christinaQ

    THIS MUSIC ROCKS!!!!!! I’ve seen Joe over the years in Malibu and he’s not only fantastically talented, he’s super hot also, girl will love him, give this guy a record deal!!!! music world needs something fresh like this guy!!! bravo!

  • hanane

    I love it – Please let us listen to his music – He deserve a lot!!!!
    Thanks for giving him a chance to do what HE LOVES to do MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC AND MUSIC :)

  • nathalie pierre

    I love his music ”Malibu joe” gonna be a star,and its gonna be fun to see him track by paparazzis ;)))Lol

  • Raj la Rage

    This music and artist are wonderfull!!! Can’t stop listening to these tracks, we need more music like this on the radio!!! Give a chance to REAL artist with talents!!!Go JOE!!!

  • Stef

    Joe’s music is so great and new !!!
    Go, go, go paparazzo !!!
    You deserve the best !

  • hatim

    BIG thanks to Carson !!!!!!!!!!!!! and Jo keep up the good work !!!! u deserve it ! love u mate!!!!!

  • Maja

    Amazing, want more of it. What a story… Only in L.A. greetings from Bogota

  • Frenchylina

    Ok stop me I can’t stop playing it. I want more!!!!!

  • Stephanie M/from London

    I know Malibu Joe , personally and musically : Invite him in!! He is awesome. Allez vas y Joe!!!!!!!!!! Live from London , LA , Paris …Malibu Joe rocks and has been for a while now for the ones who know him , now we just need to him in the known for the ones who don’t know him!!!!!!!!!!!!SUPER!!!!!!!!!

  • Mohamed

    This Sound is Crazzzzzzyyyyyyy !!!! I’m dancing in my car !!!Waaaahouuuu The MUSIC World needs somethings good like this guy !!! Good Job Bro’

  • Laurent

    Great club music! Should go very far…

  • Mbuy/from France

    AMAZING and AMAZING and AMAZING !!!!!!
    Y’a pas un autre mot. Le gars a la zik dans le sang.
    Tout le monde doit entendre cette MUSIQUE !!!!

  • Sebastien

    Love it!!!!Ur the Best Joe!!!!!!!!!It’s good Karma Music!!!!!!!

  • headtoed

    o’mandy o’ mandy o’

  • mbacke dioum

    amazing waw is a star . i need to buy the cd

  • fanfansow

    hey jo où tu vas comme ça, sa musique nous titillt jusqu’en bretagne

  • essy

    wow i heard it this morning while i was driving my kids to school, couldn’t wait to come home and look for it online. now i wish someone would upload his pic so i can put a face to the voice. carson … now you should take he’s pic so we can see what he looks like. great of you for doing your part in helping him out by putting his music out there. he’s going to be the next new sensation, specially by the way he’s being promoted

  • Mélissou / from France

    Ta music est cooooooooool !!!!!
    tu manques tonton Joe

  • RaceMan

    Hes amazing!!!! Do everything you can to help him!!!

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