[New Music + Poll] Drake, ‘I Get Lonely Too’

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drake 1 [New Music + Poll] Drake, I Get Lonely Too

Awww, [lastfm]Drake[/lastfm]. Someone go find that boy and cheer him up. Give him lots of hugs–or whatever else it is you wanna do to him. We don’t need to know the details.

In his new single, “I Get Lonely Too,” Drake sings, “kind of thought you forgot about me.” Considering you are always on the news and blowing up AMP Radio, we are pretty sure no on forgot about you. But we get it.

Ok, this song is dark, moody, and reminds us a lot of what [lastfm]Kanye West[/lastfm] has recently been doing with his sound? Is “gloomy hip-hop” the new thing? Since when did hip-hop artists turn emo?

We aren’t complaining. We actually really like this track and it goes well with this depressing Los Angeles weather. Sigh.

[Source: XXL Mag]

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