AMP Mornings: Viral Video of the Day

tiririca AMP Mornings: Viral Video of the Day

The United States isn’t the only country in the midst of election season.  Brazil recently held their own elections.  The biggest surprise? An illiterate clown actually won one of the congressional races in Sao Paulo.  Wait, what?? We’ll sort it all out after the jump…you don’t want to miss his campaign commercials!

Francisco Everardo Oliveira Silva, also known as the clown Tiririca, received more than 1.3 million votes.

In one of his campaign advertisements, Tiririca said:

What does a congressman do? The truth is I don’t know, but vote for me and I’ll tell you.

However, officials say if reports that the clown is illiterate turn out to be true, Tiririca may be out of a job. You can check his campaign commercials below.  It sure beats the Jerry Brown/Meg Whitman ads that are playing on constant loop!

[Source: MSNBC]


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