[Pic] Katy Perry Gets Edgy For ‘Firework’ Cover Art

katy perry [Pic] Katy Perry Gets Edgy For Firework Cover Art

We heart [lastfm]Katy Perry[/lastfm] so much it might border on obsession. No, we’re not joking. We’ve gotten into bar fights with people who claimed that Perry is a poor man’s [lastfm]Zooey Deschanal[/lastfm]. What?

Have you heard her track “Firework?” Have you seen her amazing, off-the-wall costumes and photo shoots? Do you realize that by saying this we are going to have to throw this maraschino cherry directly at your face? We aren’t advocating violence, but we do think Katy Perry is a (stellar) piece of work. And obviously so are we.

katyperryfireworksingleart [Pic] Katy Perry Gets Edgy For Firework Cover Art

Gah. She looks fantastic. Like a younger, edgier Mia Kirshner. [lastfm]Zooey Deschanal[/lastfm] has nothing on Katy Perry’s foxtasticness. Plus, is she a cult-status pop-heroine? Umm, no.

Katy Perry=1; Zooey Deschanal=0.

[Source: ONTD]

  • christina lowe

    Leave one of them to sing & the other to act – But I do agree with AMP – Katy Perry is gorgeous!

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