McCabe Busts A Move In The AMP Radio Studio

mccabebabycrp McCabe Busts A Move In The AMP Radio Studio

As you might expect, there’s never a dull moment here at AMP Radio.  McCabe was in the mood to dance and I managed to capture the priceless moment on video. You’re not gonna wanna miss this!

I walked into the studio to ask McCabe a quick question and he saw fit to answer the best way he knows how, with the magic of dance. I’ve seen moves but not like these, in fact last time I saw someone do the running man was in the 90s, but then again I have a beeper so I really shouldn’t be talking.

Check out McCabe’s skills as he dances to AMP artist [lastfm]Mann[/lastfm]and his new hit “Buzzin”:

Remember if you want to hear a song you can call us at 877-971-HITS, and cause we think you might like to hear the whole song you can check out “Buzzin” out in it’s entirety here:

Let us know if your dance skills rival McCabes in the comments!

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