Rihanna, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga Text Each Other Before They Rock The Red Carpet

rihanna Rihanna, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga Text Each Other Before They Rock The Red Carpet

Oh you girls! Crazy pop princesses [lastfm]Katy Perry[/lastfm], [lastfm]Rihanna[/lastfm], and [lastfm]Lady Gaga[/lastfm] are a wild bunch of sassy BFF’s that like to do everything on the edge; they all wear Crayon-colored wigs, outrageous eye make-up, and painfully high-heels as if they wake up every morning like that.

So when the three are ready to get risky with their couture rags on the red carpet, they consult each other via text so that they don’t wear the same thing (is that even possible?)

The least audacious of the three, Rihanna, recently spilled to the press that when it comes to wacked-out wardrobe, these three divas don’t want to outshine each other in the same gaudy garment:

My worst nightmare¬†would be a clash on the red carpet – so we all text each other before to make sure. We’re all kind of fearless with fashion. So Katy and I speak all the time about what we’re going to wear. And Gaga. One time we were going to the Met Ball, and Katy phoned me to check. We were like Oh My God, we were both going in this dress by Dolce and Gabbana with Marilyn Monroe’s face all over it. She was like, ‘You can’t. I’ve had my nails done in mink and it matches the dress. I thought, seeing as she’d gone to all that effort, I’d let her wear it.

These are such “first world problems.” Imagine if one of your only wardrobe worries was that you might be wearing the same thing as your friend. Oh no. The world is ending.

We like it when life is more spontaneous. When celebs just shoot the fashion trigger in a game of raiment “russian roulette.”

Do you suppose that all three of the pop goddesses were going to wear a Lady Gaga meat dress to the 2010 MTVA VMAs?

The world will never know. Thank god.

[Source: ONTD]


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