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tattoo [Video + Poll] AMP Mornings: Viral Video of the Day

I don’t have any tattoos, but I imagine it’s kind of painful to get one.  Well apparently this woman didn’t know what she was getting herself into…you don’t want to miss her reaction!

  • christina lowe

    First off – way to go for Carson’s Mom – she is a brave chick – and I will be totally honest – a tattoo does NOT hurt lol in fact its a bit of a “high” if you will, which is the reason people do not just have one tat….well I’m sure there are some that only have 1 or 2.. but still, if I had more money, I would be way more tatt’d up then I am now lol but anyways….this woman is nuts, and her tat is going to be all messed up bc of her moving around lol … poor tat guy!

  • Miguel

    this lady i wacko. sure it hurts but she’s over dramatic, if i was that dude i would of slap her silly.

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