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Last.fm Trends: Everybody Loves T.I.

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tivsp Last.fm Trends: Everybody Loves T.I.

Rapper T.I. seems to be in the press for the right reasons this week, after helping to talk a suicidal man down from a skyscraper in Atlanta on Wednesday.

The team at Last.fm Trends took a look to see just how much love the rapper is getting these days.

One of the most surprising things about T.I.’s fans at Last.fm is that they haven’t been afraid to show some love. He’s been sat at the top of the Loved Tracks chart for months now, with no sign yet of being toppled.

screen shot 2010 10 14 at 16 35 27 Last.fm Trends: Everybody Loves T.I.The song that’s put him there is “Whatever You Like,” a song that has remained popular despite almost two and a half years of play.

Week after week the song sees around 17,000 people tune in, a number that usually rises after he gets coverage: usually for crossing the police instead of helping them.

It’s a long way ahead of most of the rest of his top tracks, getting around three times as many fans as “What You Know” and “Why You Wanna” every week.

But, as far as Loved Tracks goes, it will take a lot for the likes of Lil’ Wayne, Drake and Kanye West to sneak in ahead.

Make sure the songs you love get a fair showing by joining Last.fm today. Whether you want to show some appreciation for T.I.’s efforts or have a pick of your own to shout about, it’s the first stop for music fans everywhere.

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