[Poll] AMP Mornings: Creepy Celebrity-Tracking Website Launches Next Week


just spotted [Poll] AMP Mornings: Creepy Celebrity Tracking Website Launches Next Week

A new website, JustSpotted.com, has lots of celebrities all freaked out.  Find out why after the jump!

JustSpotted.com, which launches on Tuesday, is a website that scans Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks to track the exact locations of all the world’s biggest celebrities. Creepy, right?

The website’s CEO, AJ Asver, tried to explain that the website won’t actually aid stalkers:

We’re not asking people to change their behavior. The information isn’t real-time enough for you to run over there and see them.

JustSpotted.com might have some issues once the site launches next week.  Twitter has canceled its partnership with the site because the social network was not fully aware of the “nature of the relationship” it was forging with JustSpotted.com.

So what do you think of JustSpotted.com? Vote in our poll!

  • e123

    Hello!!!your site i really good I like to listen online radio.There are many useful thins on this site.


  • jake

    this is what celebs sign up for..they all love the attention…but pretend they dont…if it involves their kids or family members that dont wanna be in the spotlight..that is a different story…

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