Carson Daly: Antoine Dodson Visits AMP Radio!

antoine carson Carson Daly: Antoine Dodson Visits AMP Radio!

Hide yo kids, hide yo wife…because Antoine ‘Bed Intruder’ Dodson stopped by to chat with Carson Daly this morning!

You all probably know we’re HUGE fans of Antoine here at AMP RadioWe talk about him incessantly and it’s borderline obsessive. Well, now we can die happy knowing we’ve checked this off the bucket list!

The interview was super entertaining, you can read some of our favorite parts below!

Carson: Talk about an overnight sensation.  I mean, your head must be spinning!

Antoine: Not really, it’s hectic, but I live!

Carson: Now are you out of the hood? Did you move your family out of the hood? Have you made good money off this song and this thing?

Antoine: Of course. I’ve made a lot of money, not even including iTunes.  I don’t even spend iTunes money! I make money off of appearances.  I’m kind of like an entrepreneur, if you want to say, because I’ve started some businesses online. It’s like every time I put something out, it sells out within 2 or 3 days! So I’m kind of feeling like the Oprah effect!

Carson: What happens when you go back now to Alabama and the Lincoln Park housing projects after all of this.  What is the response that you get?

Antoine: First off, I do NOT go back to Lincoln Park.  The only time I go there is to ride through to look for the idiot, but I have not found him yet.

Carson: I saw you sat down with Katie Couric.  What was that like? Did you know who she was by the way?

Antoine: Of course! I grew up watching Katie! I went up there in the studio and she was like, “Antoine! Look at you!” and then she hit me on the arm and I was like, “Oh, ow!” She’s a tough lady, you know what I’m saying? So hood!

Carson: Do you have a boyfriend? Want to talk about love?

Antoine: Love? What’s love got to do with it?!

Carson: Do you have any concerns that this whole 15 minutes of fame will just end?

Antoine: Please, no! This is just the beginning. I guess they just live for my energy. I’m not afraid to just act out and that’s just me period.  People love for people to be real, so it’s like, “This is not going to end!” Maybe in 15,000 years!

We spent about a half hour with the YouTube superstar, so we’ve got the full interview and an edited version for you to enjoy.

Here’s 18-minutes of Antoine Dodson unleashed on AMP Radio with Carson Daly:

The best of Antoine Dodson on-air with Carson Daly:

You can check out our photo gallery of Antoine Dodson’s visit below!

[photogallerylink id=70847]

And for old times sake, here’s the Bed Intruder at his finest moment!

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  • Bryan Ortiz

    Antoine Dodson is the most hillarious person ever HIDE YO KIDS HIDE YO WIFE AND HIDE YO HUSBAND LOL he was funny on amp radio plus i didnt think he was gay but he is still really FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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