[Video] Carson Daly: Mystery Missile Spotted off the SoCal Coast!

mystery missile [Video] Carson Daly: Mystery Missile Spotted off the SoCal Coast!

Were you enjoying a nice evening yesterday looking at the ocean? Perhaps you saw a massive missile shooting through the sky?  You probably thought to yourself, ‘Oh, it’s just a military training exercise.’ 

Well, you thought wrong! Officials are scrambling to figure out why a mystery missile was spotted in the skies off the coast of Los Angeles!

Last night around sunset, a CBS traffic helicopter spotted the missile in the sky and captured video proof.  So far, the Pentagon, Navy, and Air Force can’t explain it.

KFMB spoke with Robert Ellsworth, a former U.S. NATO Ambassador and Deputy Secretary of Defense:

“It’s spectacular… It takes people’s breath away,” said Ellsworth, calling the projectile, “a big missile”.

Ellsworth speculated that it could be a missile fired from a submarine to demonstrate our military’s force while President Obama is visiting Asia this week.

Listen to Carson Daly describe the situation:

Take a look at the video for yourself. Did you see the missile? Tell us your eyewitness account in the comments section!

[Source: CBS News]

  • sini

    everyone is talking about the missile at 5pm yesterday. but i want to know about the streak of light around 9pm yesterday. Two other people called it in, but it was brushed aside. seriously, anyone have any idea? was is an extremely slow meteor??

  • George

    It’s Iron Man!!!! All jokes aside, I saw it on Monday evening around sundown and I also saw a weird streak of light/ shadow figure close to where the sun was setting.

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