[Video] Today Show Covers Taio Cruz’s Dynamite In Viral Video

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today [Video] Today Show Covers Taio Cruzs Dynamite In Viral Video

Someone over at The Today Show got it in their heads that doing a cover of a super awesome pop song might make their on-air staff cool with the kids, and they were right.  The Today Show released their cover of [lastfm]Taio Cruz'[/lastfm]s “Dynamite” an accapella collaboration of their entire on-air staff and they’ve gone viral.

The Today Show cast covering [lastfm]Taio Cruz[/lastfm]’s “Dynamite”:

Taio Cruz’s music video for “Dynamite”:

  • Do you prefer the Today Show’s cover of “Dynamite” or are you an AMP purist and choose Taio Cruz’s version of the song?
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