[Video] It’s Not ‘Just A Dream’,It Really Was Nelly On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’

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nelly just a dream jimmy kimmel live [Video] Its Not Just A Dream,It Really Was Nelly On Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Is it [lastfm]Nelly[/lastfm]’s killer performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night or is it just getting “Hot In Herre?” What do you think? Should we take off all our clothes?

It’s been about six years since Nelly made sweaty, overly clothed clubbers let go of their inhibitions and just start stripping off their chonies on the dance floor. Yes, we said chonies.  But on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Nelly looked like a man who never lost his game.

Svelte, hip-hop sophisticated in a black hoodie, and perpetually grinning ear-to-ear, Nelly seems like the Cheshire Cat of hip-hop: coming around with a grin and something important to contribute, disappearing for a couple of years, and then magically reappearing with another grin and another hit. What can we say? Nelly is pure musical magic with the appropriately titled “Just A Dream.”

But Nelly’s energetic, happy-go-lucky television performances prove that he’s not “just a dream;” he’ll always be here to make you “Move That Body”

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