[Video] Carson Daly: Antoine Dodson on New CBS Show?

picture 0028 [Video] Carson Daly: Antoine Dodson on New CBS Show?

Photo by AMP Radio

Ok, it may not be a REAL television show, but seriously, Antoine Dodson wasn’t kidding around when he told Carson Daly he was business-savvy because he’s been able to stretch his 15 minutes of fame into a few months! Keep reading to see why the ‘Bed Intruder’ singer has us laughing again!

The staff at Break.com was inspired by a few internet viral videos and came up with this hilarious fake commercial. Also mentioned in this clip? The cult-favorite FML and the ‘I Like Turtles’ boy.

Bonus points for whoever spotted the Los Angeles skyline when the show is actually supposed to take place in Alabama.  Are you bored with internet sensation Antoine Dodson yet? Let us know what you think!

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