[List] 10 Hottest Holiday Gifts For Music Fans

blackfriday [List] 10 Hottest Holiday Gifts For Music Fans

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Each week our friends at Radio.com’s Top 10 bring us a hot new list.  This week our trusty list makers (and super shoppers) bring you a great music themed list to help you get through the holiday season with your wallet in tact.

The day after Thanksgiving, aka Black Friday, is traditionally one of busiest days of the year for retailers (and therefore the most annoying for their employees).

Although procrastinators will wait until the last minute to buy gifts, anxious shoppers will get a jump on their holiday spirit before the big day! We’ve compiled a top 10 list featuring the hottest tech and music gift ideas under $100.

Bring on the gifts!

10. $99.99 at the Apple store or Apple.com. Our team lives by this! You can rent movies, play anything off iTunes/computer PC or MAC in your house wirelessly. If you have Netflix on demand  you can use that, play podcasts and listen to the radio. It does almost everything, now if it could only wash the dishes.

apple tv1 [List] 10 Hottest Holiday Gifts For Music FansApple TV


9. $99.99 at Best Buy or Bestbuy.com. Now lets face it, unless you have a Droid, the navigation on your cell phone sucks. Whether you’re lost on your way to an underground concert, a CD listening party or your little sister’s piano recital, you’re going to need a proper GPS system.

tomtom [List] 10 Hottest Holiday Gifts For Music FansTomTom – XL 335LE GPS

8. $49.99 from your wireless provider.  Mobile internet! While this photo is of a Verzion MiFi, you can find this gift with every mobile carrier . Mobile internet is the best! You can use the internet anywhere, anytime.  Did you just hear a great song while waiting in line?  Now you can jump on the internet, download it and be on your way with this handy gift.

verizion [List] 10 Hottest Holiday Gifts For Music FansMiFi 2200 Internet


7. $100.00 on Southwest.com . You can’t knock Southwest’s prices. Plus, the carrier can take fans to a myriad of mega concert locations.  Book your ticket now for Lollapalooza (Chicago), All Tomorrow’s Parties (Los Angeles) or  Bumbershoot (Seattle).

southwest [List] 10 Hottest Holiday Gifts For Music FansSouthwest Gift Card


6. $72.99 at Bestbuy.com This external hard drive is 1TB.  That’s 1,000 giga bits. You can also get 500 giga bit external hard drives for $59.99.  Store anything and everything you need.  Seriously, you can put Lyle Lovett’s entire catalog on this sucker and no one will be the wiser.

wd1 [List] 10 Hottest Holiday Gifts For Music FansWD Elements 1TB External USB 2.0 Hard Drive


5. $53.41 at Amazon.com. Having an external battery case for an iPhone is essential. It’s perfect for super fans that will be spending time at music festivals. (SXSW is just around the corner). Gear up now!

battery [List] 10 Hottest Holiday Gifts For Music FansiPhone 4 External Battery Case


4. $60.00 on Amazon.com Beats by Dre are cool but they are still over 100 dollars. Bose is the original beat maker and always has good quality headphones.

bose [List] 10 Hottest Holiday Gifts For Music FansBose


3. $90.00 on Stunnerofthemonth.com If you have a someone who is really into sunglasses this would be the ideal gift. Get a new pair of sunglasses every month for a whole year.  This is another great gift for folks who love music festivals.   Now they can lose all the glasses they want.  A brand new set will arrive in their mailbox every 30 days.

stunner [List] 10 Hottest Holiday Gifts For Music Fans Stunnerofthemonth.com

2. $96.00 on Napster.com This gets your friend one year of Napster streaming on their computer or home theater, plus on an iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, or Android device. Or if your friend doesn’t have a compatible mobile device, you can get them just the computer/home theater version for $50.
napster [List] 10 Hottest Holiday Gifts For Music Fans Napster.com


1. $49.99 on Nerf.com Now that you’re able to afford that awesome nerf gun that you always wanted as a kid, you might as well go all out and buy the latest and greatest: the N-Strike Stampede ECS. As a kid, 50 bucks might as well have been a million dollars, but now that’s nothing. For that price you can even get two, so you and your friend can have a nerf battle.  Recreate [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Lady Gaga[/lastfm]’s “Alejandro” or [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Green Day[/lastfm]’s “21 Guns” in the comfort (and more importantly, privacy) of your own home.

nerf [List] 10 Hottest Holiday Gifts For Music FansNerf Gun


Did you brave Black Friday today or are you waiting for Cyber Monday?  Tell us your holiday shopping plan in the comments below.

List provided by the White Menace, as part of Radio.com’s Top 10 series.


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