[Video] Diddy Claims He Owns Major New York District

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diddy getty gareth cattermole [Video] Diddy Claims He Owns Major New York District

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We knew from Diddy’s recent interview with Carson Daly, that he is feisty, fiery, and possibly ferocious given the right (or wrong) stimulus.

But what we didn’t know is that he actually “owns” Broadway in New York or that he still hustles records on the street like those unknown rap artists who are trying to make you “listen” to their CDs on Venice Beach.

[pullquote quote="Man, it feels so good to be back home. I'm out here in these streets. This is my block right here. If y'all don't know what my block is, it's motherf**king Broadway. Broadway's 'my' block...I own this sh*t and I'm back doing my thing." credit="Diddy"]

It’s been a minute, I had to chill off the blogs for like, a good year and a half. I’ve been in the studio making that Last Train to Paris album. Album’s done. I’m back out in the streets of New York.”

Shout-out out to L.A., Westside, thank y’all for the love. I was out in L.A. for like a year and a half. Man, it feels so good to be back home. I’m out here in these streets. This is my block right here. If y’all don’t know what my block is, it’s motherf**king Broadway. Broadway’s ‘my’ block…I own this sh*t and I’m back doing my thing. I’m back up in this b*tch. Walk with me, roll with me.

This whole week, I’m back, I’m back on my bullsh*t and that’s in a positive way. I’m back to grinding, doing what I have to do. This ‘Last Train to Paris,’ I’m about to step my game all the way up online, giving y’all all that interesting content that y’all know only ‘I’ can do. You know, I want to show y’all my ice cream truck I keep out in the winter.

He proceeds to order a “double-scoop” of vanilla even though he looks like he is freezing and pays with “dirty money,” harasses a super vanilla dude in the street, and then shows us how to do a not-so vanilla “swag” walk.

  • Do Diddy’s antics make you want to purchase his album? Would you be scared if Diddy screamed at you to buy him album while you were walking down the street? Let us know in the comments!

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