[Video] Beyoncé: New L’Oreal Paris “Feria” Commerical

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beyonce red lips jemal countess getty images [Video] Beyoncé: New LOreal Paris Feria Commerical

Jemal Countess//Getty Images

We love [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Beyoncé[/lastfm] everything, so it doesn’t even matter that you will probably see Beyoncé’s new L’Oreal Paris Feria ad about five million times in the next year. We love her smile, her head flip, her slightly husky voice as it tells us to buy this drugstore hair dye that she probably doesn’t even use.

“Because hey, we’re worth it.” Heck yeah, girlfriend! We are worth it.  Well, actually you are worth a lot more than us but, hey, let’s not quibble about it, imaginary bestie!

[Source: ONTD]

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