Producer Says Beyonce’s New Record To Be “Biggest Album Ever”

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beyonce performing Producer Says Beyonces New Record To Be Biggest Album Ever

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[lastfm link_type="artist_info"]Beyonce[/lastfm] might be one of the biggest acts in pop music, but that hasn’t given her the ability to keep the people she’s collaborating with on her next album silent.

In a recent interview with YoungHollywood producer Sean Garrett exclaimed Beyonce’s next album will be her “biggst album ever.”

And that’s something we can get behind!

[pullquote quote="Beyonce's definitely my favorite artist to work with because she's at a place where she's superseded all expectations of who she is, what she's thought to be, what she was going to be. Her drive is unbelievable. " credit="Producer Sean Garrett"]

Garrett clearly and openly owes his career to Beyonce and he doesn’t for a second shy away from that fact saying:

Her giving me the opportunity to still be in her life and we go in and create monster records.  Just got out of the studio working on her new album, which by the way, she don’t like me to say much about her records but I will tell you this, Beyonce’s new album is going to be, in my opinion, her biggest album ever.

There’s no doubt in our minds that Beyonce’s next album will take her music to the next level.  That’s what she’s done her entire career and how she’s become one of the most powerful women in pop music.

The interview starts with Sean talking about his solo career, but at the 2:36 mark, he starts talking about working with Beyonce:

Garret may be a little biased, as he declared Beyonce to be his favorite artist to work with not only due to her talent, but her incredible work ethic, saying:

Beyonce’s definitely my favorite artist to work with because she’s at a place where she’s superseded all expectations of who she is, what she’s thought to be, what she was going to be.  Her drive is unbelievable.

Really, we’re dying to hear her new music.  Especially since she took a year off to enjoy herself and recuperate from her arduous touring schedule.  But more than that, we’re excited at the possibility of all the new Beyonce music videos that will emerge.

And really, will Kanye West have to defend the best music video of “ALL TIME” like he did when Beyonce was snubbed at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards once more, or will people know better this time around and hand her an award?

[Source:  ONTD]

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