[AMP Exclusive] Wiz Khalifa Gets Down With Michelle In The Bud Light Lime Lounge

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wiz khalifa amp radio [AMP Exclusive] Wiz Khalifa Gets Down With Michelle In The Bud Light Lime Lounge

Photo by Cody Black

It’s not often you get to spend an afternoon hanging out with [lastfm link_type="artist_info"]Snoop Dogg[/lastfm]‘s BFF.  No, not [lastfm link_type="artist_info"]Dr. Dre[/lastfm] – his NEW BFF [lastfm link_type="artist_info"]Wiz Khalifa[/lastfm]!  Wiz stopped by the Bud Light Lime Lounge and we had such a chill chat.  He’s seriously a cool dude, making him the perfect emerging artist for Last.fm Discover Artist!

You know him from his hit “Black and Yellow”, but what do you REALLY know about Wiz?  Well, I decided to get down to business and find out a little more.

He was more than happy to gossip with me about working with Snoop, not only on music but on a movie as well.  Also, we talked about Twitter, we talked about life, I think he wanna make me his wife!

Okay, I know I’m not a rapper but if you watch this it is total proof that he has agreed to collaborating with me on a track.  LOOK OUT Nicki Minaj!!  Word.

[pullquote quote="But I literally just want to smoke weed, rap, and buy furniture. Like if I could do those three things forever, I'd be straight." credit="Wiz Khalifa"]

Michelle: First of all, let me look at your bling. What you got going on here? I am just going to get in here and look. Those are amazing…You got two of them. One wasn’t enough.

Wiz: It’s the “Zig-Zag” man…Nah, I had to get a brother. He was feeling a little bit left out. And the “Zig-Zag” man has done a lot for me, so I had to do a little bit of something for him.

M: You got all your tattoos covered up?

W: Yeah, it’s a little chilly outside in L.A. today. Not too cold though. I love it.

M: AMP Radio has been playing “Black And Yellow” like crazy. Did you know when you made this song that this was going to be the song that would make people really start to take notice on more of a mainstream level?

W: I did not know that. I thought it was going to lead up into the song that was going to make people take notice more on a mainstream level. But it’s cool that it happened though, you know. I’m not complaining.

M: But then the good news for us is, you’ve got stuff that I kind of feel you are holding back that’s even better.

W: Yeah, yeah. I mean, I’m not holding it for long; I just have it. You know what I’m saying? We’re containing it. And then we’ll let that monster out later.

M: Do you have an album release date yet?

W: We have a date. I’m not able to give the date out. It’s coming out in March though…In the industry, with dropping CDs, there’s only certain days that you can drop. Like, realistically.

[pullquote quote="In the industry, with dropping CDs, there's only certain days that you can drop. Like, realistically." credit="Wiz Khalifa"]

M: And are you a part of that or do people just handle that?

W: We all into it, you know what I’m saying…I’m not in that part of it. You know, the bigger people, they know those days and the seasons and all that. I mean, when you start playing recorders, you know, being on time for this and all that, that’s a different ballgame. They tell me. I have the music ready and stuff like that. The music’s been ready. We getting to roll out everything…It’s going to be awesome.

M: It is, it’s only just beginning for you, even though you’re not new to the game?

W: Oh, you know that?…Yeah, I’ve been working towards this for a minute and it’s cool to be here now. But, it’s cool to be new in a lot of people’s eyes to because what if Iwas like played out by now? So, it’s like I got a rebirth.

M: Well, how cool is it to work with Snoop?..Were you kind of freaking out? Like deep down?

W: Awesome…It was way more realistic when I got in the room with him. It’s always been a dream of mine…No, not at all. It was like that was what was supposed to be happening. And I’m still working with Snoop like every day. He called me this morning because he was supposed to call me back last night. We were supposed to look at the rough draft of the movie. But he didn’t. Called me yesterday…He wasn’t like slipping or anything. He was doing some Snoop Dogg stuff…When me and him do Snoop and Wiz stuff, it’s all good.

[photogallerylink id=80130 align=left]

M: Now you just mentioned a movie. Let’s talk about that a little.

W: Yeah, it’s called ‘High School.’ We’re aiming for April 20th as the release date and yeah, it’s going to be awesome. We’re working on the soundtrack. That’s what we’ve been doing. That’s the Snoop and Wiz time that I’m talking about.

M: So is it going to be all tracks from you guys together?

W: Yep, a full CD with me and Snoop…We’ve already got like more than half of it done.

[pullquote quote="We're aiming for April 20th as the release date and yeah, it's going to be awesome. We're working on the soundtrack. That's what we've been doing. That's the Snoop and Wiz time that I'm talking about." credit="Wiz Khalifa on working on the film High School with Snoop Dogg"]

M: So what I’m thinking is, if you have a track, you know how all the tracks right now are like, Kanye featuring Nicki Minaj, it could be like Wiz/Snoop featuring Michelle.

W: Yeah, you wanna do that?

M: Yeah, I mean, you might have to coach me a little bit, but not much.

W: You might have some things to show me.

M: I think I’d be pretty natural at it.

W: You’re already in a good spot because there’s a lot of green in here.

M: And beer.

W: As long as you stay around the green you’ll be alright.

M: Before you go–I just wanted to ask you–after you collaborate with someone like Snoop, where do you go from there? Like, who would be your dream person?

W: That’s it. That is it. I promise to you that is it. I met a lot of cool people who support my movement and that I’m cool with but as far as like dream collaborations and being able to sit down and chill: That was it…And he’s super cool in person. He’s everything that you would think he is. And he’s given me a lot of knowledge and keys to the game…And he’s super tight, still. You know what I’m saying? People know that, but like just being in the studio with him and seeing him write, seeing him record and stuff…He hasn’t lost it one bit.

M: Now I have to ask you about something you said on Twitter…you said that you wanted to do three things: Smoke weed, rap, and buy furniture.  I need more about that, like…buy furniture. That’s such a random thing. You hanging out at Ikea, what you doing?

W: I mean, I can’t really explain all the logic behind my tweets. But I literally just want to smoke weed, rap, and buy furniture. Like if I could do those three things forever, I’d be straight.

M: It just was weird to me that it was furniture, not like cars.

W: I mean, cars are cool. But when you have furniture, you have to have things to furnish. So I want to acquire those things as well.

[pullquote quote="You'd be surprised how many people's moms I hook up...Shout out to the plant-friendly moms out there. Go green!" credit="Wiz Khalifa"]

M: Ok, well when the CD comes out, please send it to AMP Radio.

W: Aww, man. You guys aren’t going to have any problem getting that stuff. I’m gonna send you guys some papers too. Yeah, you look like you know how to have a good time.

M: My mom might watch this.

W: Hey, mom. She might want some papers too. You’d be surprised how many people’s moms I hook up…Shout out to the plant-friendly moms out there. Go green!

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