If Choreographer Brian Friedman Told You A Secret About Britney Spears’ New Music Video Would You “Hold It Against Me”?

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britney spears frank micelotta getty images1 If Choreographer Brian Friedman Told You A Secret About Britney Spears New Music Video Would You Hold It Against Me?

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Seriously, relax.  Take a deep breath and possibly a nap because what we’re about to tell you will fill you with the sort of excitement that might cause you to pass out from pure joy.

Is that even possible?  Well, if it is the one person that could cause it would be pop sensation and living legend [lastfm link_type="artist_info"]Britney Spears[/lastfm].  And her choreographer Brian Friedman spilled details on the “Hold It Against Me” music video that will have your heart in palpitations.

[pullquote quote="I didn't necessarily have pressure with this — it was more excitement." credit="Brian Friendman on working with Britney Spears"]

This isn’t Friendman’s first time at the rodeo.  He’s worked with Britney multiple times includes:  “Toxic”, “Me Against the Music”, “Boys” “I’m a Slave 4 U” and her The Dream Within a Dream Tour and Onyx Hotel Tour Tours.

However, Friendman’s as excited as ever to work with his longtime collaborator saying:

I didn’t necessarily have pressure with this — it was more excitement.  I haven’t been with Britney in five years on a project, so it was excitement to be back with her.

It was excitement to get her dancing really hard again ’cause she’s had a couple of years where she’s been dancing different styles of dance and it hasn’t been me.

[photogallerylink id=80842 align=left]

Apparently, the big tease is that Britney is dancing with ten male dancers, and why shouldn’t she be?

But that’s not all, Friedman also let it slip that he “loves nudity” leaving us to suspect either the teen queen or her male dancers are gyrating around in their birthday suit.  So.  Totally.  Hot.

[pullquote quote="Things we've never seen her wear before she's wearing in this video, and I think it's just very sexy and it's a little bit playful." credit="Brian Friedman"]

It also seems Britney is ready to duke it out with Lady Gaga as Friedman explained that fashionwise, Britney is putting everything on the line to venture into uncharted territory, saying:

She’s taking fashion risks. Things we’ve never seen her wear before she’s wearing in this video, and I think it’s just very sexy and it’s a little bit playful.

We’ve seen her in a nude rhinestone bodysuit that left very little to the imagination so we can’t even imagine what that means.  Maybe she’s wearing a dress made out the skin of dead people.  Way to push the envelope past Lady Gaga if that’s the case.

If we can say anything, it’s that we’re excited to see some super steamy moves from Brian and Britney, like they had in her 2001 music video for “I’m A Slave 4 U.”

Can’t wait to hear more Britney Spears?  Check out her radio station at [lastfm link_type="similar_artist_radio"]Britney Spears[/lastfm] radio.

[Source:  ONTD]

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